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7 Minutes on the No Pants Subway Ride

Improv Everywhere hosted the 12th Annual “No Pants Subway Ride” where people basically ride the subway without pants. Of course, this is an international event as well, with people participating in cities all over the globe!

Here in NYC, there were 6 assigned meeting places, and looking at the maps, the least viewed location was Astoria Queens, with about 4,000 views. the Manhattan locations were at about 20K, so I decided to hop the M60 bus from 125th Street and head over. It was an easy ride, about 10 minutes from Lexington Avenue and I was so early, I had time to walk to Ditmars Boulevard for a grande Americano before wandering back to Hoyt Playground for some juggling.

Here is the ONLY pic of me at the starting point (out of the 131 photos the official photographer posted): 


That’s me, under the bullhorn blocked by Mike’s arm. He was the leader of the group.

The up side of the ride from Astoria was it was convenient, I got to meet several people and have actual conversations with them, and it was relatively controlled.

The down side of the ride from Astoria was that it wasn’t all that long and didn’t require any transfers.

The most amusing part of the ride was taking off the pants. An older fellow who was seated in the car we were in saw several of us taking off our pants at once and he simply got up from his seat and ran to the far end of the subway!

The most awkward part of the ride was at Times Square, where a family… two little girls, a little boy and mom and dad got aboard right where I was standing. One little girl was just staring intently at me. To their credit, the parents didn’t make a big deal about it and neither did I.

At Union Square, Everybody was gathering and it was fun to hang out, pose for pictures and all of that. But it would have been nice to arrive at Union Square before the sun went away, just for more photo ops in the light. 

I think I would do it again, but maybe I’d check the maps and go for the longer route, just for more fun. And maybe try to get closer to one of the photographers.

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